We sell many types of flooring for domestic use.
At Victoria Flooring our flooring operatives fit many types of flooring from carpet to wooden floors. We have worked on many domestic projects to create a warm and cosy environment in your home. We have been flooring contractors for large commercial project as well as small domestic projects; we cater for all sizes of rooms. There are many types of flooring and flooring services including:

• Wooden Floors including Hardwood Flooring
• Laminate
• Vinyl Flooring
• Engineered Flooring
• Sanding and Sealing
• Carpet

We provide all of our flooring services in London and South East England. If you are in need of flooring contractors in these areas or would like to know more about any of our flooring including rubber flooring and wooden flooring, then send us an enquiry via email or contact the office on the number provided

We also offer floor sanding to give your wooden floors a new lease of life, restoring them to their former glory. For more information, see our floor sanding page.